CCSET is a community oriented agency, dedicated to connecting students to community resources. The heart of the agency is reflected through four key messages.

Academics: CCSET actively provides opportunities that encourage academic success, career readiness and civic engagement. Such activities may include mentoring, tutoring or student recognition for excellence.

Culture: CCSET promotes a culture of hope in which inviting schools and a supportive community lead students to achieve despite their circumstances.

Collaboration: CCSET, affiliated with the non-profit organization Cabell County Family Resource Network (FRN), depends on volunteers and key partnerships to make possible its vision. Partnership with Cabell County Schools is vital to the operation and success of the organization.

Community: CCSET facilitates community resources, collaborations, and connections to provide students with basic needs and academic enrichment. CCSET may identify needs or access gaps in services as part of this process.

Through dedication to these beliefs, we ensure that students have access to the help they need–when they need it.

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